Troubleshooting & Service Claims

Complete IP Network Reports In Under 3 Minutes.
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The AG SmartBot

The Essential IP Network Report & Diagnostic Tool For All Security System Installations.

Save Thousands A Year On Service Calls, Troubleshooting & Maintenance Plan Claims

Save Time On Troubleshooting & Service Calls

Reports generated before, during and after installation can help quickly identify internet service failures, component connectivity issues and port conflicts with devices connected to your client's network.

Reduce Maintenance Plan Claims
Identify Genuine System Failures With Certified Reports Generated After Installation.

By comparing reports generated after a completed installation with another report generated later during a service call, you can demonstrate that system failures have been caused by factors that are not covered under your maintenance or service agreement, i.e. a camera, DVR or Alarm System failing due to a change to the customer's network outside the scope of your agreement.

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