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The AG SmartBot

The Essential Network Report & Diagnostic Tool For All IP Surveillance System Installations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The device DOES require internet access at the site where tests are being performed. This is how the device is able to scan for things like internet speeds and blocked ports and report the results once the tests have been completed.
The LED indicator on the front of the AG SmartBot indicates whether the device has an internet connection, when the device is performing the tests and the completion of the tests. Here are some more details on the LED indicator:

Flashing Blue: The Device is powering up and preparing to connect to our servers and perform the assigned tests.

Flashing Green: The device is unable to connect to the internet. This could be caused by the customer having a proxy server or some other method in place blocking access to the internet.

Solid Green: The device has completed testing. The AGSB report email will be delivered to you shortly.
The AG SmartBot comes with a USB to USB-Micro charging cable. To charge the device, simply plug the large end of the USB cable into an available USB port on a laptop/PC - or use an available USB charger that comes with most mobile phones. Plug the small end into the micro-USB slot on the side of the device. A blue LED will illuminate indicating the device is charging.
The device uses no power when powered down, and provided the device is powered off upon completion of testing, expect to be able to perform 300-400 tests between charges when the device is fully charged.
Your first year of the AG SmartBot service (testing and reporting features) are included in your initial purchase price. After that, the service is billed annually at $4.00 per month ($48.00 per year) per device.
There are an unlimited number of email recipients that can receive the AG SmartBot network report. We recommend that the salesperson, installation manager and back-office data entry personnel all receive the report so the information can be added to the customer's account information for future access and to assist with the install.
Simply send an email to support@agsmartbot.com with your device serial number and the email address you wish to add or remove. If the domain name (i.e. example@yourcompany.com) varies from what we have on file, we will call the primary contact on file to verify the change.
The tests are configurable. In your initial welcome email after purchase, you will be asked what your minimum upload/download speed thresholds are and what port(s) you would like the device to test for (both inbound and outbound). These will then be configured in our central portal and can be changed at a later date by sending an email to support@agsmartbot.com
We are continually working on adding additional features and tests to the AG SmartBot device and platform. If there are specific additional tests you would like the AG SmartBot to perform, please reach out to support@agsmartbot.com to discuss further.
All communication between the AG SmartBot and the AG SmartBot server platform is SSL encrypted. The device leaves nothing behind on your customer's network upon completion of the tests. Once the tests are completed, the results are sent to the AG SmartBot server platform for processing and distribution, then the device disconnects from the AG SmartBot servers. No further communication between the AG SmartBot and the AG SmartBot servers is possible until the device is powered off, then on again. At which point the device will repeat the same tests and subsequently disconnect.
Absolutely! Please contact us at sales@agsmartbot.com to discuss a volume discount.
The AG SmartBot report can be customized per company or device by our internal development team. Please contact support@agsmartbot.com to discuss your needs.